It has been the experience of JMSB medical equipment planning, in the protocol set by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, is a task involved in meeting many ends for successful results. This involves skilled manpower both in engineering and medical field with insights and experience in the processes involved and in line with the latest happenings in the technology and medical fronts. With the necessary infrastructure to handle these complex situations, JMSB bids to the Turnkey Contractor for the consultancy of medical equipment planning, co-ordination of delivery, testing and commissioning and warranty management / maintenance. The consultancy shall include the following activities.


Headed by an experienced medical equipment planning Engineer, the division is fully equipped with the resources for an efficient and systematic way of planning, to fulfill the objective of a optimum equipping with the best available technology for the right price. The strength of the division is, its knowledge of all the procedures involved in the medical equipment planning within the protocol set by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. The professional recognition of the team by the Ministry of Health, gives the team and cutting edge in keeping the project on schedule. An experienced panel of paramedical staff backs the team, to discuss medical aspects of technology selection are discussed with end users. The extensive database of technical data, in the database keeps us abreast of the technology development and enables to help us the user make the best suitable decision within the resources available.

The Medical asset Management Division caters to the post-sales aspects of medical equipment in hospital for the efficient and safe use of the equipment. With a modest team of engineers and technicians, operates in providing medical equipment maintenance solution to private hospitals in Malaysia. The division develops maintenance protocols the management of assets, which include
Testing and Commissioning     Breakdown Repair  
User Training     Preventive Maintenance  
Warranty Management     Equipment Replacement Plan  


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