-- A Proposal For Medical Equipment Planning To The Project Management Consultant --

Partnership is our key word. Backed up with our experience and expertise knowledge we work with our customer to plan and implement healthcare facilities. In this entire project we take a teamwork approach working with the customers and the turnkey contractors chart the future needs and to find a best possible solution. In JMSB, we know the importance of total solution. In hospital equipping project all pieces must fit together and work seamlessly.

The consultancy shall include the following activities:

  1. Initial planning to equipment selection and advisory on procurement
  2. Supervision of testing and commissioning
  3. Post delivery support


1. Initial planning Consultancy
  The scope of work of JMSB shall include:
  1.1 Understanding of the project and preparation of total medical equipment brief for the project
  1.2 Preparation of typical room equipment list
  1.3 Advisory and reviewing the contractors proposal on the equipment
  1.4 Finalizing the total equipment requirement with interaction with the customer
  1.5 Advising on the bills of quantity and costing


2. Co-ordination of Delivery, Testing and Commissioning
  The scope of work of JMSB shall include:
  2.1 Setting the protocol of testing and commissioning of the equipment fulfilling the performance and the safety requirement
  2.2 Supervision on the delivery schedule and attendance to the issue related to equipment
  2.3 Ensure smooth handover to the customer for the operation of this equipment


3. Warranty Management / Maintenance
  The scope of work of JMSB shall include:
  3.1 Warranty management / maintenance supervision of the equipment handed over to the customer
  3.2 Attends to the issue relating to the equipment post handover
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